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New Services Now Available

We now have consulting services for organizations looking to increase productivity outside of our coaching and strategic planning offerings. We are excited to now offer more services to our organizational clients. Whether you need help with productivity issues or a strategic planning consultant, we have customized solutions to meet your needs. Check out our updated Organizational Solutions.

New Courses Starting in August

We are enrolling now for our next group sessions starting in August. Contact us today to save your spot!  N.O.W launches in August so enroll now!

August start dates for the next High Performance Mindset and High Producer Success Groups are right around the corner.  Be sure to sign-up now! Click here for program descriptions and enrollment information.

Nicole's Top Ten Books of All Time for Sales, Leadership, Strategy, and Overall Well-Being

  1. Secrets of Closing the Sale, Ziglar, Z.
  2. How to Master the Art of Selling, Hopkins, T.
  3. Everything written by Stephen R. Covey
  4. Book Yourself Solid, Port, M.
  5. Endless Referrals, Burg, B.
  6. First, Break All the Rules, Buckingham, M & Coffman, C.
  7. You Don't Need a Title to Be a Leader, Sanborn, M.
  8. The Secret, Byrne, R.
  9. The Work of Leaders, Straw, J., Scullard, M., Kukkonen, S., & Davis, B.
  10. The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, Chapman, G. & White, P.

Do you have a book you want considered for the Top Ten?  Contact me for review.

Tips and Trends 

  • Be genuine  in your actions and intentions; people sense insincerity and you want to establish trust, not break it
  • Listen to your customer; they will tell you what they need
  • Follow your plan and process. If you don't have one; get one! You can't guide yourself to success without a roadmap.

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