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Positive Growth Coaching LLC was founded by Nicole L. Hawkins.  With a niche in performance coaching and consulting, the company caters to professionals and organizations and is dedicated to helping increase client revenue and productivity. 

Positive Growth prides themselves on treating every client as if they are a part of their own team.  Nicole started the business because she is strong in her resolution that every dedicated, tenacious, professional can achieve their goals with the right coaching which often times organizations lack the resources to provide. 

Positive Growth Coaching's unique approach is based amplifying learning by engaging with others throughout the process.  It is that belief that led to the establishment of mastermind sessions combined with individual support and advanced technology goal tracking.  This method proves far more effective than strictly one-on-one coaching, especially when servicing our number one high stress industries such as sales, business owners, and government sectors. 

A personal consultation is conducted with every client to determine client needs and goals and establish the appropriate success path.  Placement into mastermind groups or private sessions is done based on a thorough assessment extracted during the initial consultation process.  Organizational group coaching or one-on-one coaching is also available. We also offer strategic planning and development consulting for organizations.

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About Us

Call Us:  402.802.5706

Nicole L. Hawkins
Positive Growth Coaching LLC
About Nicole

So why should you choose to partner with me?  After all, I know there are plenty of other coaches in the industry.  I've done my competitive analysis! However, I only help individuals and organizations increase productivity. I don't claim to be an all in one coach; my expertise is in performance. I've spent my career developing skills and expertise to do exactly what I am doing and trust me, nothing gets me motivated and excited like sales, strategy, empowerment, and leadership. Nothing except helping my clients reach new heights.

I live for assessing and devising plans to improve businesses, helping people drill into their goals and defining action based plans to get there, and creating a sense of accountability and ongoing progress. I have the best job ever because it doesn't feel like work! I love the work I do so much, I conduct studies and build models based on the results.  My most current study in progress is for my doctoral degree and involves an exploration of how leadership styles may impact the turnover of sales personnel.

In addition to my advanced academic background, I have great depth and diverse experience in a variety of industries.  I am a Certified Professional Coach and have a Masters Certificate in Human Resource Management. I am currently working to complete my Doctorate in Business Administration and possess a Masters degree in Management. My experience in organizational and individual strategic and sales planning, coaching and training, building programs, utilizing sales analytics and technology, and knowing how to market in today's world provide a holistic approach you won't find anywhere else.  I have a gift to plan, help others have success breakthroughs, and create a sense of taking action. I guarantee you will see results!

My style is straight forward, honest, tell it like it is, professional and fully committed to my client's success.  Your team is my team, and your goal is my goal, so I feel invested in their success. After all, I guarantee success if the process is followed and the client is open-minded, dedicated, and takes action! So I ask you, why would you trust your team to anyone else?

Call me today so I can learn how we can partner together to bring your success to life! 402.802.5706

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Nicole's Philosophy

My philosophy is to help our clients cultivate growth through defining opportunities, devising strategies, and creating an action based mindset. I believe everyone can achieve success if they have the right mindset, dedication, and guidance. 

Often times leaders and managers have a thousand things on their plate and the last thing they can get to is coaching their people in a way which is conducive to growth. The organization has expectations, personnel management duties add up, and management...well it all just takes a toll and an enormous amount of time.  Although coaching is known to be a priority and a number one revenue generator, it often takes a back seat to other pressing issues.  No matter how good your time management skills, there just isn't enough time in the day. 

I understand that and it is why I am here.  I alleviate the stress from managers and leaders by coaching teams to achieve higher productivity.  A win for leaders and for the individual.  When partnering with me, employees receive the coaching they need; leaders save time in their day and have the peace of mind that their people are receiving the attention they need to be successful; and the organization gets to see a return on its investment when productivity increases.

Employees need an outside ear and dedicated coach who can help guide them to achieve their goals. I believe in customizing coaching to the individual's current state and future goals.  Plus, if chosen for participation in one of my groups, members get to gather insight and experience from others within the same industry.  In addition, all participants in sales based mastermind programs receive an interview on my weekly radio show, a free month of promotion, and a personally branded podcast to use for endless promotional purposes. 

I pride myself on delivering a holistic coaching experience which not only guides individuals to increased productivity but promotes their individuality!